Health Awareness Month

Each month is dedicated to an issue to help us raise awareness on many important topics that we would’ve otherwise ignored. This month, the month of May, is Health Awareness Month. Health is not just physical, it’s not just the brain or the heart or the liver, and it also does not solely pertain to the body. Health combines mental and physical wellness. Look for something that benefits the mind and the body.
Here are a few things to keep in mind that might help you take better care of yourself:

• Diet and Nutrition
This is not to say you should stop ordering McDonald’s and have a healthy meal instead. The point is that eating healthy should be the habit and McDonald’s should be the treat, not the other way around. Instead of grabbing a bag of M&Ms for a snack, you could grab a bag of nuts for a change. More importantly, always remember to drink water and to keep your body hydrated.

• Exercise
Going to the gym isn’t the only form of exercise, so that excuse could be thrown out the window. You can take a few minutes off your day and stretch the moment you wake up. Really, just stretch, start small. You’ll see the difference that’ll make. Walk more, take the long route, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Those are all every day exercises that really make a difference.

• Sleep
Instead of staying till the late hours of the night surfing Netflix and not knowing what to watch, put your phone away thirty minutes before going to bed and see how much easier it’ll be to fall asleep. Make a schedule and plan how many hours should be your minimum. After all, your body needs to recharge.

• Mental Repose
Thinking about how to go about your day can be very stressful. Use those thirty minutes you have after putting your phone away before bed to map out your next day: what you plan to achieve and what you have on your to-do list. Your days will go much more smoothly when you actually have an idea about what’s awaiting you. It helps if you meditate for at least 5 minutes per day. Just calm yourself, practice mindful breathing, and relax your body so that your mind is settled too.
Health awareness is a really important issue, and changing your lifestyle into a better one is never too late. Take small steps, and start with what you find the easiest: a simple stretch, an extra cup of water, 30 more minutes of sleep – they all make a difference. Choose to be a better you. Choose your health.


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