“The Art of Debate” Workshop

rita & marwa

The Law Students’ Society organized a workshop on Thursday, March 15 titled “The Art of Debate” facilitated by Dr. Dima Basma, a law instructor. Students of all majors gathered at the SMART classroom to learn more about how to lead a debate and to become familiarized with the different types of debates and the principles that allow one to better present their claims and respond to counter arguments.
During the workshop, students participated in a debating exercise where they witnessed first-hand some of the common errors that render a person’s claim as weak. Accordingly, they managed to have a better understanding of a number of the logical fallacies they commit and of how to maintain debating etiquette even in heated arguments.
Moreover, the workshop highlighted an essential key to develop one’s debating skills: Argue for something you do not agree with. What identifies a good debater is their ability to validate a concept that goes against one’s own beliefs and views.

The Law Society plans to put those new skills to the test by organizing debates on a regular basis in which students of all majors can take part in and attend.

- Rita Khayat
  Law Student

- Marwa Zeitoun
  Communication Student