The 2018 Clubs and Societies Day!


With the start of every year, PU gives its students the chance to express and showcase their hobbies and skills. PU believes that academic life is insufficient to provide the PU community with a comprehensive university experience; therefore, the need for activities and entertainment on campus encourages students to participate in debates, share ideas, and express their talents beyond lecture halls.

On October 17, 2018, every club and society was ready to lure the students with activities and to encourage them to be a member. Almost 19 tents spread about the campus. Below each tent were enthusiastic club members explaining the purpose behind their club to those who were interested.

PU Sports Club was the first I visited. Mohamad Mansour, one of the club’s board members, stated that the club has came up with new ideas for this year. All students will now have the chance to attend any sports event hosted at or outside of PU. Aside from the local sporting activities, Mansour and his club members were happy to announce that they are aiming to organize a marathon that unites students from all universities in Lebanon.

Moving on to the Hiking Club, Kamel Daoud told me all about the trips they are planning to do during this semester. He explained that there are many adventures awaiting the students. Moreover, each hiking trip will be dedicated to support a certain social cause!

Did you know that Phoenicia University now has a Model United Nations Club (PMUN)? Ali Alawiyeh and Wissam Nasrallah, board members of this club, stressed that this initiative aims to enhance the skills and capabilities of its members so that they get more involved in matters that influence the whole world.

On another note, the Hult Prize Club is ready to give a chance to PU students to compete locally and internationally with other universities. The students will have to come up with a unique idea or practice to address a problem selected by international judges. Here’s why you should consider joining: the winners receive a one million dollar prize!

Other clubs included PU Clubmania and Community Service Club (CSC) that engage in social activities and seek to help the underprivileged, along with hosting seasonal events on Halloween, Christmas, and many more.

How about we take a look at some of the students’ societies that were there?

Starting with the Society of Architecture and Design, Reem Khalifeh a board member and an architecture student, explained that "this society focuses on doing exhibitions and workshops on campus.” Furthermore, it was interesting to learn that the Law Students Society, the Society of Engineering, and the Society of Speech Therapy all plan to hold events on campus such as setting debates, competitions, or even inviting guest speakers to share their career and personal experiences with the PU community.

Others, such as Pu Robotics, the Computer Science Society, and the Science Club aim to hold workshops and lectures to help students who need support in any related courses, including C++, Photoshop, etc…

Indeed, the Clubs and Societies Day had something for everyone! Irrespective of their interests or hobbies, all students must have surely found a place where they felt like they belonged.

- Joelle Mokbel
Communication and Social Media student​