About Us

A Message from the Editor-in-Chief

PU Chronicles is a digitized and electronic newsletter that represents the official Phoenicia University communication for faculty and students. It aims to cover important events, features, research news, and relevant interests from around the PU campus and across the globe.

Since its recent commencement, PU has managed to attract academics from all over the world to be on board with its mission of providing high quality education and of instilling the skills and values that will bring upon the leaders of tomorrow. It has brought together students from different regions of Lebanon to create a melting pot of cultures and ideologies.

PU Chronicles offers a platform that reflects the worthy accomplishments of its members and a peek into the fresh and diverse perspectives of its student body.

It is the collective work of passionate and dedicated individuals who want to reveal why PU has already become in competition with leading universities.

All students and faculty are encouraged to take part in this initiative. Contributions can be submitted by email to newsletter@pu.edu.lb or online through this link.

- Hana Dakwar