Activities of The College of Law and Political Sciences

Activities of The College of Law

On May 4, 2017, the College of Law and Political Sciences headed by Dean Salim Daher invited its students to visit the Criminal Court at the Palace of Justice in Beirut.

By giving them the opportunity to observe lawsuit trials in-session, law students become well acquainted with the legal proceedings inside a courtroom and get to witness the practical application of their course material. This experience allows them to have a firmer grasp over the theoretical work in this academic discipline and a more informed decision of prospective career paths. 

Later that month, on May 17, the College of Law also organized a dialogue session with esteemed Judge Jean Fahd, Head of the Supreme Judicial Council in Lebanon.

After Professor Daher thanked Judge Fahed for his gracious visit, his honors discussed the independence and impartiality of Lebanon’s judiciary system. Later, law student Maya Safieddine acted as a facilitator and shared with Judge Fahed some inquiries submitted by her peers about the Lebanese legal system. Not only did the law students admire Judge Fahed’s critical lens on matters that concern their major, but also the PU community took great interest in learning about their country’s legal sector.

- Luay Shaaib
  Law Student

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