Antoine Skayem’s Inspirational Talk to PU Students

Nour Shaito

On Tuesday the 14th of November, the Business Society held an event where a guest speaker, Antoine Skayem, the CEO of FREE (Free Renewable Electric Energy) spoke to a group of students about his inspirational journey in the past ten years.
The purpose of the event was to motivate students of all majors who have a unique entrepreneurial mindset to start developing their ideas. Mr. Skayem worked his way from the bottom to the top with nothing but an an innovative idea in hand. This idea later become a company that strives to employ eco-friendly solutions to guarantee a sustainable green environment.
The event was very successful as the audience was completely immersed and attentive to how our guest speaker brought his idea to life and made his dream come true.

- Nour Shaito
  Business Student

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