The Litani C800 Project: A Dream to Come True
By: Ali Mazen

Since I was young, I frequently heard about the Litani C800 project in the gatherings of the elderly in southern Lebanon...

The Future of Money
By: Shahzanan Siblini

Back in 6000 BC, and long before money was invented, people used to adopt the “barter system”, a system in which goods and services ...

Tune In!
By: Alyaa Wazneh

Be it true and authentic or false and incorrect, major or minor, good or bad, news and updates play an important role in satisfying people’s interests all over the globe

Online Privacy
By: Ali Bitar

In an era where the internet is the utmost ruler, all becomes at risk. We tend to overshare details of our personal lives on social media;

Launching “PUre Water” Service
By: Amira Fakih

The supply of annual rainfall in Lebanon is in abundance. Nonetheless, clean and fit water sources available for the Lebanese community’s use are very scarce...

The 2019 International Day
By: Marwa Zeitoun

For the fourth year in a row, Phoenicia University celebrated the diversity of our world by holding the International Day on Thursday...

Happy Down Syndrome Day!
By: Alyaa Wazneh

World Down Syndrome Day is on the 21st of March. Celebrating this day, Phoenicia University welcomed 36 students with Down...

Tips on Becoming More Optimistic
By: Dr. Maysar Sarieddine

Is your life really going to improve if you become more optimistic...


What You Don’t Know about Memes
By: Mostafa Shoaib

We send and receive some of them on our phones daily, get mentioned on others also, they’re simply everywhere on the internet, we call them memes...

When Fashion Meets Business
By: Nour El Zein

The world of fashion has not only provided us with tons of designs that have become trends, it has also offered a sensational opportunity...