By: Dana Rammal
Dana Rammal

The 2nd of October, which happened to be a Monday, marked a new chapter in my life. Leaving my family, friends and the country I was born and raised in behind and traveling to Lebanon to go to college and study wasn't an easy decision...

Clubs and Societies
By: Sarah Ezzedine & Fatima Cheaitou.
Clubs and Societies

On Thursday, October 19th, the landscape of Phoenicia University was full of decorated stands for its annual Clubs and Societies Day...

Nishan’s Visit to PU
By: Khadija Chour
Nishan’s Visit to PU

On Wednesday, October 18, Phoenicia University was honored to welcome one of the most influential journalists in the MENA region

Welcome Aboard, New Students
By: Dana Serhan
welcome event

In honor of welcoming the new students at Phoenicia University, the Business Society organized a “Welcome to PU” event...

PU Goes Pink!
By: Mohammad Ajami

In honor of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Phoenicia University went pink on the 12th of October...

An Interview with Duraid Lahham
By: Kawthar Suleiman

On Tuesday, May 17, PU's auditorium was packed with an audience thrilled to attend a live interview with the great Arab comedian, Duraid Lahham. I was honored to conduct the interview and to be the host; the experience was one of a kind...

How PU Went Blue
By: The Speech Therapy Students

“Support Autism and Leave a Fingerprint,” “Light It Up Blue,” “Increase Your Awareness” were our calls for PUneers on Tuesday, the 11th of April, where Speech Therapy students launched their Society of Speech and Language Pathology. On that day, the campus went blue – from balloons, lights, and food to outfits of staff and students – in celebration of Autism Awareness Month...

Activities of The College of Law and Political Sciences
By: Luay Shaaib

On May 4, 2017, the College of Law and Political Sciences headed by Dean Salim Daher invited its students to visit the Criminal Court at the Palace of Justice in Beirut...

Engineering Week
By: Mirna Kdouh

While we all love the holiday season, we were looking forward to another one of our favorite times of the year. During the spring semester, we engage in a celebration of our profession, sharing our passion for engineering with everyone, from students to faculty members, through the Engineering Week....

PU Festival!
By: Aya Fawaz

PU festival, On May 13, Phoenicia University organized a festival that welcomed students’ families and friends to a day full of games, food, and music...