Celebrating Excelling Law Students

For the third year in a row, the College of Law and Political Science at Phoenicia University celebrated and honored students who have demonstrated an ongoing effort to excel in their academic journey and who have established a notable academic record.

The ceremony took place at PU’s General Smart Room and was attended by Professor Imad Zbib, President of PU, Dr. Salim El Daher, Dean of the College, distinguished figures and faculty members, as well as continuing law students.

The ceremony commenced as Ali Alawiya, Vice President of the Law Students’ Society, introduced each the of the scholarship recipients: Aya Sahmarani and Kawthar Sleiman as the most excelling of their third year peers, Rita Khayat and Hiba Diab as the top achievers of the second year students, and Asma Saad and Ali Hjeij as ones with the highest ranking of the first year batch.

Each of the recipients delivered a speech and were sure to state how appreciative they are of the grant and how having their efforts acknowledged drives them to pursue further successes and adds to their sense of self-fulfillment. 

Afterwards, Shawqi Fakih, President of the Law Students’ Society, expressed his gratitude for the guidance and efforts that law instructors put in order to instill the knowledge, skills, and values required for law students to stand out in their field. He also stressed the role of the Society in providing workshops and mentorship to develop the interpersonal and professional skills of PU’s future law practitioners.

In addition to celebrating excelling students, the Financial Prosecutor, Judge Ali Ibrahim, and Dean El Daher used the opportunity to emphasize that the quality education that PU students are granted is a privilege, and one that they ought to take advantage of in order to have bright and successful careers. They explained that the College has a lot of faith in its students’ capabilities and will continue to encourage and provide them with the means to reach their full potentials.

Evidently, and more than anything, the ceremony is meant to highlight how the hard work of PU’s student body is not only recognized, but also rewarded.

- Sarah Salhab
  Law student