Clubs and Societies


On Thursday, October 19th, the landscape of Phoenicia University was full of decorated stands for its annual Clubs and Societies Day. This day included the societies that each major created like the Engineering Society, Communication Society, Law Society and such. Many Clubs were also involved like the Drama Club, Robotics Club, Sardeh Club (سردة), etc. where the majority focused on engaging students based on their passions and interests.
The Communication Society, though is a limited to Communication students, attempts to connect the entirety of the majors together to make sure all are interacting with each other one way or another. At the event, the society got a lot of recognition because of its customized cupcakes. This year's theme was “Freedom of Expression”, where a white board was placed to encourage the PU community to jot down ideas worth sharing.
Moreover, The Public Health Society used the opportunity to spread awareness on health issues. The Society’s stand was decorated in green to raise awareness on all matters related to people’s well-being, and it gave out ribbons in support of dyslexia – a learning difficulty that deserves more of our attention.
As for the PU Feminist Club, it aims to educate university students about the importance of gender equality and equity. It seeks to advocate women’s rights and to combat gender discrimination in all domains of life. It was intriguing to see many of the male students enroll in this club.
Those who are passionate about music were able to join the Symphoenicia Music Club. Its purpose is to engage and teach students how to play musical instruments, such as the piano, flute, guitar, etc and to develop their singing and dancing skills.
In addition, book lovers had the opportunity to register in The Sardeh (سردة) Club which holds weekly meetings to discuss books and to share insights or ideas that the selected books address. The club has evolved to include an exploration of different forms of art, like painting, as well as to giving painting classes and even holding movie nights followed by discussions.
All in all, the PU Clubs and Societies Day was a major success in terms of engaging the students and uniting them based on their hobbies and areas of interest.

- Sarah Ezzedine
  Petroleum Engineering Student.

- Fatima Cheaitou
  Communication and Social Media Student.

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