Dana Rammal

The 2nd of October, which happened to be a Monday, marked a new chapter in my life. Leaving my family, friends and the country I was born and raised in behind and traveling to Lebanon to go to college and study wasn't an easy decision. It was, though, one that I had to make. However, since my enrollment at Phoenicia University and my stay at the dorms, everything has become much easier. It feels like my decision to sacrifice what I had and go to a new country to live a new life hadn't gone to waste.
Ever since my arrival to Lebanon, I knew things would be a bit difficult. I’m all by myself here, and I had no idea what sort of roommates and dorm residents I would have to deal with. I was worried they would be rude, loud, or ones who would invade my privacy and tamper with my stuff. Luckily, I didn’t have to suffer any of that.
The girls I met at the dorms soon became my friends. Living in the dorms automatically means that you're barely ever alone. Friendships are formed the moment you meet your room/dorm mates.
There's no escaping from the homesickness you feel when you're away from your family; it is even harder when the only way you can see your loved ones is through a video call. Nevertheless, knowing that my family will always be there for me is more than enough of a push to keep me going and to help me adapt to this new lifestyle.

I certainly cannot deny that the girls I have come to share my life with at the dorms are making me feel at home too. After all, family is more than just blood.

- Dana Rammal
  Speech Therapy Student.