Dr. Mohamad Zbib’s Recent Publications

Dr. Mohamad Zbib

In collaboration with Dr. Shadia Ikhmayies, the Chair of the Physics Department at Al Isra University in Jordan, Dr. Mohamad Zbib has published two peer-reviewed articles in the Journal of Electronic Materials, which is an IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) joint publication journal. The research papers are:

1. “Synthesis of ZnO Hexagonal Micro Discs on Glass Substrates Using the Spray Pyrolysis Technique.”

2. “Spray Pyrolysis Synthesis of ZnO Micro/Nanorods on Glass Substrate.”

In this work, new zinc oxide discs and rods were synthesized, with optimal conditions and dimensions to be used in optoelectronic devices and solar cells.

Dr. Zbib’s contributions to the academic and research fields are much valued at Phoenicia University, and they are reflective of the standards and quality of instructors trusted with the university’s mission to be an effective mobilizer in scholarly domains and to educate the up and coming generations.