Get Moving!


According to World Health Organization, "the percentage of worldwide obesity and health problems [have] become triple the percentage of obesity and health problems [of] 1975". This issue has made obesity one of the main causes of early death.
Up until recently, practicing sports has not been considered one of the elements of a healthy lifestyle. This is because people’s daily routines were full of activities that require movement. For example, if you are to ask your parents how they used to commute to school, they would most likely say that they did so by foot. Older generations also had to walk distances to run some transactions or even do their grocery shopping. However, today’s activities and daily habits require a lot less movement. Students’ nowadays would only commute via a bus or a car. What if the modern parents need some detergents? All they have to do is make a phone call to have it delivered to their doorstep. Even going up the stairs has become a hassle. People are more likely to wait a few minutes by the elevator to effortlessly ascend/descend to their destination.
Unfortunately, the majority of people believe that sports, an active lifestyle, and having a healthy diet are too time consuming, and that there are more important tasks that demand their time and efforts. Obviously, if the percentages of obesity and early deaths are to lessen, getting some exercise is a must. Now, what people should be aware of is that having a more active lifestyle does not necessitate a membership to your local gym. There are many simple steps one can take to make sure they’re getting the minimal amount of exercise:
1. Don’t be lazy and wait for the elevator. Go up the stairs and strengthen those leg muscles.
2. Cities have a market around every corner. Walk there!
3. No need to give your car to the valet. Park a little bit far from your destination, save money, and enjoy a nice stroll in the buzzing streets.
4. Are your nephews and nieces visiting? Don’t just give them an IPad. Go outside and chase each other around. You’re guaranteed to bond with them better.
5. It’s the weekend and you’re bored. Calling your friends and sitting at a café is too mundane. How about you go on a hike instead? Your selfies will have much nicer backgrounds.
Such simple measures can go a long way in not only giving our bodies the required exercise, but in also nurturing our bonds with others and, more importantly, amongst ourselves.

- Jana Eid
  Law student