A Glance at Diplomacy


“Those who feel pain are alive, and those who feel the pain of others are human beings”. With this meaningful motto, and with the help and supervision of the Head of the Education Department Dr. Ahmad Samarji, some PU students launched an MUN club at the very beginning of this academic year (2018-2019). Model United Nations is a program where students roleplay the actual duties of ambassadors or delegates of countries in the United Nations. The primary objective of the club is to hold enough training sessions and mock simulations for students to understand the rules of procedure of an MUN session, and to form a delegation from PU to attend national and international conferences such as BEYMUN. The club aims also – as its secretariat Hani Rhayyel affirms – to “organize a national MUN conference at Phoenicia University in the upcoming years”.

So far, the club has completed several training sessions and two mock simulations where students were exposed to different situations and crises that would require on spot decisions and critical thinking. “MUN has influenced my perspective of solving conflicts and issues when it comes to group work and negotiation,” claims Wissam Nasrallah the Secretary General of the club.

In the last Mock Conference that took place on the 22nd of February, the topic of promotion and protection of children’s rights was stressed. Students – roleplaying representatives of specific nations – spent two hours debating the topic among them from different perspectives, confronting evidences, accusing other countries, suggesting solutions, and initiating resolutions.

However, attending an MUN conference is not a piece of cake. It will require intensified research on two different topics, the writing of their respective position papers, a wide knowledge of the country one is representing, and most importantly being an eloquent speaker.

Sounds tough? Do NOT worry, PUMUN club will make sure you are mastering all these skills before attending any conference!

May you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the Under Secretary General of Delegate Relations Huda Awada on campus or via email pu.mun@outlook.com.

- Wissam Nasrallah
  Civil Engineering Student