Have We Met?


Every year, the Communication Society gives PU’s new students the opportunity to meet, greet, and get to know other new and continuing students in order to break the ice between them. This event was initially called Coffee Connect Communicate, in which coffee stands for an informal invitation that will make the meeting less stressful and the communication more casual. However, this year, communication students decided to add a Halloween theme, and so they changed its name to Candy Connect Communicate: candy sweetens up the gathering while students celebrate Halloween all together.

The event took place on the green area of PU’s campus and was divided into three parts. First, blankets were set up on the grass area for students to sit and meet. Second, and since all that talking must have made the students hungry, chocolate, yummy brownies, and chili hotdogs were sold to make the gathering more fun. The third and last part included fun games and competitions that promised sweet gifts for the winners.

This event was very successful as many students had the chance to meet, connect and communicate with others in a fun and enjoyable manner.

- Lena Khalil
  Communication and Social Media student