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The only thing that is constant about human nature, and virtually all humans one may meet, is change. An individual is subject to change almost every instant of their day – such a process is usually provoked by outward stimuli which is why people must not fall victim to the sudden loss of interest towards or by other people, as it is the proper cycle of life. In fact, humans are better off suppressing most of their emotional sensations by acknowledging that a lot of what they witness is the aftermath of an intensive thought process and a number of hormones acting within the body.

Keeping a steadfast idea that emotions are merely projections of human thoughts, but are amplified by the situation at hand, is definitely a good ideology to possess, even though it may seem a bit gloomy at first. However, there is no point for people to regress back into a hole and rue their bad luck. These individuals should rather be more inclined to either work on fixing what the problem may have been or introduce themselves to new options which may prove of higher worth than what had preceded. Thus, in honor of failed relationships and the burden which bombards people along with them, one must rise and propel themselves to create a more sound and appealing environment for themselves. No matter how valuable a person might be to another, the likelihood of them finding someone proportionately better is immensely high with upwards of seven and half billion people currently roaming the Earth, and that number does not seem to be decreasing any time soon.

People must start viewing others around them as part of their network, especially at the university level. It is not a hidden fact that jobs have become more demanding and dwindling wages will not cut it for most – which is why networking is the new and profound way of creating relations. This concept does not require thorough backing, it can rather be verified through an easy do-it-yourself process; try greeting the security guard at the door when passing through over a decent period of time, and watch how well one would benefit from such a miniature act. Thus is how people must view their relationship with others, for one never knows who the next president or top-firm executive might be, and holding close ties to both of them would surely lead to an easier life, especially in a country like Lebanon where a mediator is necessary in almost all the fields one may think of.

Therefore, I propose a toast in honor of lost relationships and wasted opportunities, as I learn from them and shape a brighter future for myself where I know how to adequately treat people, and I am a firm believer that others must follow the same route on their path to supremacy.

- Hani Rhayyel
  Business student

  • Hani