Independence Day

On Thursday, December 6, 2018, Phoenicia University celebrated Lebanon's 75th Independence Day by inviting the Lebanese Army Orchestra to perform at its grounds.  The event took place at the auditorium and was very well-attended. After the Orchestra played the Lebanese anthem, one of the students, Hassan Mroueh, welcomed our guests and spoke greatly of Lebanon while reminding us of the Lebanese armed forces’ motto: honor, sacrifice and loyalty. PU students Mahdi Hassan and Israa Taleb also read their work to the audience, honoring our army’s resilience and bravery. Afterwards, the Orchestra delivered a live performance of well-known and national Lebanese songs that was met with a standing ovation from instructors and students. Lastly, the Orchestra were presented with flowers and a beautiful painting to show the PU community’s love and appreciation to the protectors of our nation. The event was concluded as the audience and the members of the army headed to PU’s green space and planted a cedar tree, Lebanon’s symbol of strength, longevity, and peace.

- Hassan Zayatt
  Business Student