International Day 2018


Different spots of the world were put together in Phoenicia University’s campus. On the 3rd of May, all students booked a ticket to travel around the globe and to lands as magical as the La La Land. 
I personally started my day with a sugar rush from the candy canes and cotton candy clouds of the La La Land and then took a trip to Italy to enjoy all the pastas and pizza served there. Afterwards, my eyes feasted on the creative representation of the African culture. Everything from the colorful bohemian dresses to the built-in hut was simply brilliant!
In a moment, the whole atmosphere changed and a dance was being performed. The Brazilian presenters were moving to such a lively rhythm that it made everyone excited to join them. 
Pharaohs sitting side to side knew how to steal the spotlight. They invited students to admire their model pyramids and hieroglyphic inscriptions. 
However, the greatest sentiment hit me when I heard someone playing the oud and I saw a board with pictures of some of the greatest authors and intellectuals of the Arab world: I knew it had to be Palestine. It gave me a great pleasure to see that while others chose far away countries, there was still a place for our neighboring country. The students performed the traditional Palestinian dabke which I joined and had plenty of fun taking part in. 
After that, I visited the place where the sun shone the brightest: India. I was fascinated with all the colors and flavors around me. The saris worn by the students were exceptionally beautiful. They even performed some Indian wedding rituals to give everyone a sneak peak on how couples tie the knot in the Eastern part of the world. 
Just when I thought that there were no more places to go, I landed in Spain. We played foosball and enjoyed dancing to Spanish music. Would you like to know a fun fact? Spain was one of the biggest producers of saffron! I bet you thought it was India.
At last, I returned to Lebanon. I’m glad I got to taste all the different cuisines and see all sorts of traditional customs and dances. More importantly, I managed to cross out many stereotypes that I had about different cultures around the world.

- Lamis Hoteit 
  Communication and Social Media Student 

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