An Interview with Duraid Lahham

Kawthar Suleiman

On Tuesday, May 17, PU's auditorium was packed with an audience thrilled to attend a live interview with the great Arab comedian, Duraid Lahham. I was honored to conduct the interview and to be the host; the experience was one of a kind!
After welcoming Mr. Lahham on behalf of the whole PU community, I proceeded to ask him questions that shed light on the most important stages of his life and his profession. We conversed about his most popular plays and works, and he gladly accepted my kind request to sing his famous piece, "Yamou".
This amazing actor strolled down memory lane, and eloquently shared with us both joyful and sorrowful experiences. The whole audience hung on his every word, captured by his genuineness, wittiness, and – of course – his well-known sense of humor. Getting to know the great Duraid Lahham up close and personal was inspiring and motivating to the up and coming leaders at PU.
Mr. Lahham concluded the interview by addressing the youth with an advice: “never lose hope, love, or faith in yourselves and your country.”

- Kawthar Suleiman
  Law student

  • An Interview with Duraid Lahham
  • An Interview with Duraid Lahham