Learning from Mr. Samir Hammoud’s Professional Journey

Chirine Kassem

On November 28th, 2017, Mr. Samir Hammoud, the Chairman of the Banking Control Commission of Lebanon (BCCL) visited Phoenicia University to share his experience.
In addition to having worked in a number of banks in Lebanon, Mr. Hammoud has taught in several prestigious universities. He also participated as a speaker in multiple seminars located in Lebanon and across the Arab World.
Rim Chaaban, a Business student at Phoenicia University, interviewed Mr. Hammoud. She asked our guest speaker a number of questions that concern the career paths of business students and that are relevant to those who wish to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses.
Mr. Hammoud emphasized the importance of education and individuality, saying: “You have to study well to be different/unique, do not copy others’ work.” He also stressed that success is not only limited to one’s IQ, but also to their emotional intelligence. He concluded the interview by addressing the youth with an advice: “work hard and smart, be determined, and do not stop reading.”
It was a great opportunity for PU students and myself to learn from Mr. Hammoud’s long journey in the banking sector. By learning about the experiences of professionals in the field, I am becoming more aware of what sort of future awaits me.

- Chirine Kassem
  Business Student - Marketing and Entrepreneurship


  • Mr. Samir Hammoud
  • Mr. Samir Hammoud