Let’s Talk about Women in STEM


On International Women’s Day, what is better than hosting a bright and successful woman to celebrate women? 
On the 8th of March, the PU Feminism Club invited Ms. Nadine Ajam, an electrical engineer, to celebrate accomplished women in STEM fields. It is a common and stereotypical notion that men are more likely to choose and to excel in STEM, but we wanted to set the records straight.
Ajam informed the students about the challenges that she has faced in stepping into a domain typically reserved for men. She explained that through hard work and dedication she has managed to overcome obstacles set in her path and has proved to be a professional whose capabilities and resourcefulness are not to be undermined. She admitted, nonetheless, that she had to be discreet about her pregnancy so that she would not be perceived as unfit to perform and complete her tasks at work. 
Ajam is definitely another example of strong and powerful women in the Arab world who have managed to attain success in their careers and seek personal fulfillment simultaneously. With so many female students majoring in engineering and computer science at Phoenicia University, it is essential to shed light on inspiring women in STEM to encourage the former to break whatever societal barriers in their ways and to believe in their potentials.

We can’t wait to host other women in upcoming events. All in for girl power!

- Khadija Chour
  Communication and Social Media Student