Minister Ezzeddine’s Interview at Phoenicia University


On Tuesday, March 6, Dr. Inaya Ezzeddine, The Minister of State for Administrative Reform visited Phoenicia University in celebration of International Women’s Day as she is an advocate of women’s rights and of female empowerment. Rita Khayat, a Law student, interviewed Dr. Ezzedine and inquired about her experiences as a woman in the political field. The Minister emphasized that women are just as capable as men to be leading figures and decision-makers in their country, stating that women are held back by outdated societal and cultural stereotypes. Moreover, Dr. Ezzedine necessitated that women develop their skills and overcome professional weaknesses in order to take part in their country’s advancement. For women to assume leadership positions, they ought to find a balance between their family lives and their careers. Dr. Ezzeddine herself is a mother and a firm believer that women can take on motherly and professional roles simultaneously once they have more confidence in their abilities and the support of their community. Even though women’s participation in the political field is still lacking, having female political figures empower young women is essential to encourage and pave the way for other qualified women to become involved in decision-making at the national level.

- Batoul Hobballah
  Communication and Social Media Student