Pink, Pink, and More Pink!


In its latest event “PU Goes Pink”, the PU Feminism Club managed to demonstrate the power of unity. What with spreading awareness on breast cancer and supporting the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation, there was little chance this event would have gone south. It was inspiring and captivating to see so many PU student working cooperatively to form a massive human ribbon. Yes, you read that correctly.

Students showed up on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 wearing pink t-shirts. It was a vision to see a flock of pink climbing their way to PU’s football field to line up as a pink ribbon – the symbol for supporting breast cancer patients. Rita Khayat, the president of PU Feminism Club, expressed how thrilled she was to witness how PU students responded wholeheartedly to promote this cause. “Organizing events is always fun and energizing, especially when it’s done for such a noble cause,” she told PU Chronicles. “Our ‘PU Goes Pink’ annual event united all students to participate in donating and supporting the fight against breast cancer,” she added.

The frosting on the cake was literally frosting on the cake – or more so, little pink cupcakes sold by the PU Feminism Club. And can you guess what the best part is? The proceeds of each and every cupcake that was sold went as a donation to the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation. So here’s a big “thank you” to all the generous contributors who have put heart into this event. 

All in all, the energy and effort put into this event have paid off. Many thanks goes to the PU Feminism Club members for bringing the student body together and for ensuring that we are all breast cancer aware!

Go Pinktober!

- Reem Makki
  Communication and Social Media Student 


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