PU Festival!

Aya Fawaz

On May 13, Phoenicia University organized a festival that welcomed students’ families and friends to a day full of games, food, and music.

Clubs and societies participated to make this event successful by setting up booths and creating games that are fit for all ages. I visited booths that had games like “Connect Four” laid out, and another where guests played a more challenging version of tennis.

Aside from the games was the food. PU left nothing out as the booths served hotdogs, shawarma, crepes, waffles, ice cream and much more! By the time I tasted bits of everything, I was very full.
I was also happy to meet my friends’ parents, siblings, and close friends. What better way to break the ice than to dance together and laugh our hearts out? The day was very enjoyable, and I can genuinely say that I had lots of fun.

- Aya Fawaz
Communication and Social Media Student


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