The SPTH Society’s Visit to Dar Al-Aytam


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” This is one quote that I always turn to for inspiration.
Being the President of the Speech and Language Therapy Society, I am privileged to have had the chance to support the rights of the underprivileged and vulnerable groups, particularly those of children with special needs.
With the help of Jessica Jabbour, one of our students who’s a volunteer at Dar Al Aytam- Jadra, we were able to spend a day at the mentioned institution, supporting children with special needs and addressing their rights to education.
On the 13th of January, 2017, PU students of different majors participated in this initiative to learn and widen their scope of knowledge and awareness concerning such issues.
The program that day included a brief description of the institution and its services, followed by a discussion session titled “We Are Able, We Will Continue, It’s Our Right”. The interaction between the students and the children taught everyone more about the rights and expected duties of children with special needs.
As we were leaving, the children and the staff members gave us a handmade copybook that included pictures of that day and handwritten words of gratitude to remember them with. This small gesture left the biggest imprint on us.
We were more than glad to help the children and to put a smile on their beautiful faces. I, personally, truly consider that “A smile is the universal non-spoken language of kindness.” We will always believe in the abilities of people with disabilities, and we will work hard to provide alternative ways of support for the needed adaptations.
In the end, we should all understand that a disability does not suppress an ability.

- Celine Swaidan
Special thanks to our volunteers: Nasma Jaber, Amira Hayek, Mary-Elen Jabbour, Hawraa Elchab, Nour Eid, Aya Hijazi, Julia Kassem , Jana Tormos, Nathaly Mourad and Jessica Jabbour.

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