Welcome to PU, Mohamad Kaiss!


On Friday, November 2, the Smart Room at PU was packed with a number of students curiously waiting to watch a live interview with an outstanding media personnel, Mohamad Kaiss. With great enthusiasm, communication and social media student Joelle Mokbel conducted the interview and drew the audience into the world of Mohamad Kaiss.

Kaiss brought into the spotlight how social media is impacting the world we live in and the power of influencers shaping their audiences’ daily lifestyles. However, he stressed that being popular-driven on social media is a blunt approach. Speaking of that, true influencers have to establish a kind of trustworthiness between them and their audiences while creating unique and original content.

Mohamad Kaiss addressed all PU students and encouraged them to chase their dreams and to pursue what they know fits them best. He mentioned that the only way to get through challenges is to devote oneself to the things one is most passionate about. Therefore, believing in yourself and in your talents will allow you to overcome obstacles coming your way. He emphasized the importance of celebrating one’s unique individuality. After all, if we are to stand out, we shouldn’t compromise what sets us apart from others.

All in all, it is inspiring to learn from other people’s successful journeys. Mohamad Kaiss’s visit was not only entertaining, but it also provided the PU youth with tips on how to face the future awaiting them.