What Would You Say to Your Future Self?


Dear “Future Self”,

It is such a beautiful thing to dream and imagine what you might have become. I would say that I wish you have finally made peace with your mistakes and figured out what your exact purpose in this life is, maybe even found a reason to be happy, whether through success at work or perhaps your relationships with people.
However, I’m not going to pressure you as I always do. I myself have just received a letter from our previous self, and I can tell you that things are definitely not going as we have planned. It’s not that I have no trust in us or that I have given up on our future. It just turns out that reality is completely the opposite of expectations and the fact is we can neither shatter reality nor bend it. So wherever you are in life right now, just know that I believe in you, and I’m completely proud of the outcome of our journey.
We all have our fate written down for us my dear self, so the best thing we can do is live it as gracefully as possible and pass on our love and hope to this world.
P.S.: I hope you have worked on your cardio though.
With Love,
“A Previous You”

- Zeinab Hussein
  Architecture & Design Student


 Dear 28 year-old Caroline,

I hope this message finds you well. I'm hoping that you have an office where you passionately do what you love and what you have always dreamt of.
I'm expecting that by now you have put your life together and are satisfied in all aspects.
If you haven't done something you had in mind, it's okay. It's never too late to start.
You're still very young and many opportunities are ahead. You don't have to have your own place, or a man by your side.
You are enough. Never forget that. Make friends, travel, experience new stuff. The world is full of adventures that you should try to explore.
Remember what dad always tells us, “know your worth. Know that you don't need anyone to be happy. It's you that creates yourself and creates your own happiness.”

- Caroline Darwish
  Architecture & Design Student