Would You Donate an Organ?

Asmaa Saad

Organ donation, by definition, is when a person legally permits that an organ of theirs is given to someone else, whether when one is still living or following their immediate death. It requires the consent of the living donor or the approval of his/her family after his/her death. Such donation happens for multiple reasons. It could happen purely for scientific and research purposes, or to help other people needing a transplant.
According to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), "Every ten minutes, someone is added to the national transplant waiting list. On average, 20 people die each day while waiting for a transplant. One organ donor can save eight lives."
Statistics collected from UNOS also show that approximately 115,950 people need a transplant that will save their lives. Out of the aforementioned, 75,318 people are active waiting list candidates. Moreover, and according to OrganDonor.gov, "95% of US citizens support organ donation, but only 54% are registered donors."
Based on what has been stated above, some Phoenicia University students were asked a few questions on whether they support organ donation, if they would be willing to donate their organs, and if they would they register for NOD-LB (National Organization for Organ and Tissues Donation and Transplant). Below are some of the answers received:


dana    "I am a registered organ donor at the NOD-LB.
     I have come to understand the importance of the issue of organ donation,
     and how one registered donor can end up saving a number of lives.
     Should anything happen to me, I want all my organs to help people in need.
     I'm also trying to convince others to become organ donors."

   - Dana-Serhan
     Business Student



rita   "I would donate an organ to a person in need in a heartbeat.
     For that reason, I'm a member of NOD-LB."


    - Rita Al Khayat
Law Student




reem​   "I'm willing to donate organs to those in need, be it a family member or a stranger.
    My mom lost sight in one eye, and had organ donation been a common thing 10 years ago,
    she would have been able to see with that eye today;
    this motivates me even more to donate my organs and become a part of the NOD-LB."


     - Reem Makki
      Communication and Social Media Student


zein​    "I would, without hesitation, donate an organ to a person in need,
     be it a family member or not. I also consider joining NOD-LB."


    - Zein Chehade
Mechanical Engineering Student




fatima    "I think that organ donation should only be considered based on the approval and
    consent of the person donating his/her organs or that of the family of the person
    (in case said person is in a state where he/she cannot express their approval).
    If the organ is sold or used unethically, I'm against the act."


   - Fatima Amin
     Communication and Social Media Student


To sum up, organ donation is a very controversial topic that is viewed as a heroic act by many, ridiculed by some, and raises mixed feelings among others.

Aya Fawaz
  Communication and Social Media Student

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